Povod institute is delighted to announce that we will be hosting a series of workshops for one week during June from 5 to 11 of June 2023 as part of the Erasmus plus funded program “Be Art Together”, which aims to explore the potentials of arts and the digitalisation of art as tools for intergenerational and intercultural dialogues. The workshops will be interactive and informative, with concrete examples where arts in their digital and non-digital formats are both tools and outcomes of intergenerational and intercultural dialogues. These workshops will take place in Maribor in the Roma youth centre and in our office’s facility in Ljubljana in Kotnikova. We aim to have local and international artists from the Mediterranean region and more precisely from Egypt and Tunisia facilitating these workshops; taking in account the rich history of cooperation between Slovenia, Egypt and Tunisia we would like to revisit our intergenerational dialogue through arts between the past and present!