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In our programs, we’re conscious of the world’s issues, but focusing on the solutions. Promoting sustainability through the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs. By cooperating with a variety of stakeholders, we advocate, promote, educate, connect, and raise public awareness for a sustainable Planet.
Our teaching resources provide you with a variety of tools and information to enhance your engagement and work for inclusive and sustainable societies


This guide was produced within the project named“Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development” inthe scope of the Civil Society Support ProgrammeIII between the EU and Turkey. It aims to givepractical information on the EU accession processand cooperation between the EU and Turkey; thecontent of this guide is […]
Intercultural learning is a lifelong learning process that may take place in any formal, nonformal, or informal setting; it is a process that may happen internally through self-directed learning or within a group. To activate intercultural learning for sustainable development, we shall consider the process from […]
Would you like to attend an exchange in North Macedonia to experience how sports enhance cultural awareness and interpersonal skills?Check the information about the program and the eligibility criteria for participation. Get in touch with us via WhatsApp to sign up!Only two places left. The travel […]

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