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In our programs, we’re conscious of the world’s issues, but focusing on the solutions. Promoting sustainability through the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs. By cooperating with a variety of stakeholders, we advocate, promote, educate, connect, and raise public awareness for a sustainable Planet.
Our teaching resources provide you with a variety of tools and information to enhance your engagement and work for inclusive and sustainable societies


A new issue of the publication SLOGOPIS was published this month – issue 35. “SLOGOPIS” is an informative newspaper on development topics, co-created by the members of SLOGA – the Platform of Non-Governmental Organizations for Development, Global Learning and Humanitarian Aid.SLOGA is a platform of non-governmental, […]
Article by Samar Zughool, MSc, political scientist, manager of intercultural programs and researcher ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Women and LGBTQIA+ persons in Jordan face intersectional discrimination enabled by theocratic dictatorship, colonial legacies, and neocolonialism.” The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has a monarchy constitution that vests executive authority to the […]
Today we delivered the fifth session of the online training course “Gender Mainstreaming in Intercultural Management” in the Arabic language. We are delivering this training course to civil society organizations and women’s rights groups based in Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, Morroco, Lebanon and Palestine. Previously, we had […]
Nice day in Haloze, 29. 05. 2024, Povod‘s workshop and consultation on sustainable tourism in connection with the importance of locally produced food. #TVU2024 #tvu29let #LifelongLearning #gudosdg #GoodFoodGoodFarming @andragoškicenterslovenije Slovenian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs SLOGA, an NGO platform for development, global learning and humanitarian […]

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