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In our programs, we’re conscious of the world’s issues, but focusing on the solutions. Promoting sustainability through the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs. By cooperating with a variety of stakeholders, we advocate, promote, educate, connect, and raise public awareness for a sustainable Planet.
Our teaching resources provide you with a variety of tools and information to enhance your engagement and work for inclusive and sustainable societies


Samar Zughool – SIDE, Solidarity In Daily Effort will host their public performative journey and art workshop “Embodying Decoloniality” next Friday in Belgrade, Serbia, at Kulturni centar Beograda. This public performative journey and workshop is taking place next to the exhibition “Archaeology of Resistance: Corrective for […]
The “Shades of Accountability” was a two-day socio-artistic workshop. “It is a safe and open space for people who would like to take an artistic journey of exploring and symbolising the fluid dialogue of inner resilience between the collective pressure and the individuation set of desires.” […]
Based on Angela McRobbie’s book “Feminism and The Politics of Resilience. Essay on Gender, Media and the End of Welfare”. We, as the SIDE artistic collective in Slovenia (Samar Zughool, Sammar Al Kerawe, Safa Hasan, and Behnaz Aliesfahanipour), created a performative journey of cleansing shoes in […]
(Arabic and Turkish languages) Author: Samar Zughool / Reka Si Research and Art. Contributors: System and Generation, Povod Institute, Tügöder Association, Professor Wahiba Chaker. Abstract: Most research locates the emergence of community arts to 1960 as the practice emerged in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, […]

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