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In our programs, we’re conscious of the world’s issues, but focusing on the solutions. Promoting sustainability through the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs. By cooperating with a variety of stakeholders, we advocate, promote, educate, connect, and raise public awareness for a sustainable Planet.
Our teaching resources provide you with a variety of tools and information to enhance your engagement and work for inclusive and sustainable societies


WHEN? 22.08-30.08.2022WHERE? Murzasichle, PolandAIM? The project’s aim is toexplore youthentrepreneurship, as well asold, forgotten professions. Wewill try to renew theseprofessions in a new form.
——— Open Call for youngsters in Slovenia, Join a TC on storytelling and perform in Istanbul Next Year ——- Last month’s “StorySilience” program In Cumbria, our trainers concluded with a training course for teachers, youth workers, and non-formal educators on story-telling and making for social resilience. […]
Slovenia shows all the signs of a middle-developed European country: it has a rapidly ageingpopulation, relatively low birth rates, negative natural population growth, and a shortage of suitablyqualified labour; emigration from the country is increasing, so this “population gap” must be replacedby immigration. Historically, there has […]
The migration – sustainable development paradox addresses the fact that migration contributes to sustainabledevelopment if well integrated into policymaking across the Sustainable Development Goals.1 Migration enrichesinterculturalism and cross-cultural cooperation; culture is an enabler and driver for sustainable development, forexample, during the pandemic and lockdowns, traditional knowledge […]

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