We delivered two days of workshops with a brilliant team using arts-based techniques for critical thinking towards gender equality in the Mediterranean region.
Mediterranean #RiseForGenderEquality beyond borders and out of gender profiling, binarism, and enforced roles.
On the first day, we implemented decoding through visual and performing arts techniques for critical thinking to reclaim gender equality out of gender profiling, borders, ageism, toxic masculinity, and internalized and intersectional oppression.
On the second day, we implemented forum theater for critical thinking towards problem-solving from oppression to resilience, followed by the golden circle technique for statements formulation. We had diverse topics and issues, thinking individually but loudly and together.
Our group developed 12 statements accompanied by paintings, photography, and different audiovisual mediums; we will be sharing them in an online advocacy campaign for gender equality out of profiling and beyond borders in the Mediterranean region between 21 to 31 March 2022. The Mediterranean Rise For Gender Equality is part of the #ReThink_Med initiative by the Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality.
The training methodology was developed and delivered by our experiential trainer and performing artist Samar Zughool, who took part in the Med Dialogue Bootcamp.