We were glad to disseminate the outcomes of our program STORYsilience in Ljubljana in our office in Kotnikova 28 and in MONS hotel. The participants were people living in various countries, including Slovenia. Most of them are cultural workers or civil society actors. We were delighted to share about the STORYsilience digital platform that combines the different Intellectual Outputs that we have been developing in the past two years. Check our STORYsilience digital platform and learn more about it here

STORYsilience is a response to the global pandemic and its disproportionate impact on young people facing marginalisation and the creative arts. It is built around the knowledge that resilience, emotional health and well-being are of paramount importance to rebuilding communities to be stronger, more cohesive and more empathetic; and that engaging with the creative arts – film, theatre, exhibitions,  digital and real-world productions supports the development of key skills and competences for the 21st century. It is a project that works with children and young people in formal and non-formal settings to retell stories of resilience during COVID-19 in four locations – Tower Hamlets in London, Cumbria, Turkey and Slovenia – from the perspective of young people.