Ptuj, hotel Mitra – round table at the opening of the exhibition “Stories of positive changes”.

  • Robert Križanič, director of Povod Institute, presented the activities of Povod in the fields of international development cooperation and migration.
  • Samar Zughool from the Institute for Sustainable living – Reka SI, spoke about the Agenda for Peace and Security of Women in relation to migration, displacement and the current escalation of humanitarian crises in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
  • Max Zimani, director of SLOGA, an NGO platform for development, global learning and humanitarian aid, spoke about the importance and work of Slovenian non-governmental organizations in the filed of international development cooperation and migration.
  • Štefan Simončič, president of the Epeka Slovenia Association, presented the CIVILHOOD project.

And at the end of the round table, Povod Institute also presented the outcome results of the “Be Art Together” project, which was implemented in cooperation between Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia.