We had a blast learning the Farsi language and enriching our learning skills through doing and fun. We had a great learning time with a talented teacher Behnaz Ali Esfahanipour. 

Who is Behnaz?
Behnaz Ali Esfahanipour was born in 1984 in the small town of Gachsaran. She is the fourth child in her family and has two sisters and two brothers. She lives in Slovenia with her daughter since 2019. She has worked to raise awareness of women’s rights in Iran and is currently working to continue her work.
She has also worked in the field of design using Photoshop and is currently upgrading her skills in this field. Since coming to Slovenia, she has volunteered with various groups and is also a translator from English to Farsi for Farsi speakers. She is best at communicating and coordinating with different social groups, which she is trying to improve and loves to challenge herself. She is currently getting to know the Povod Institute and hopes to learn more.