Tomorrow is the deadline to apply for the second edition of our online training course, “Gender Mainstreaming in Intercultural Management”.

We are providing this training course through the Hands-On Programme through the Anna Lindh Foundation for Euro Med Dialgoue.

This training course is designed and developed based on the experiential learning cycle and its different learning styles, in line with critical and peer-to-peer learning.

This experience will provide you with an opportunity to learn about mainstreaming gender equality, not only as a goal but also as a tool for intercultural project management.

Further, you will have a rich experience connecting, networking, and enhancing your network of changemakers advocating for intercultural dialogue and gender equality in the EuroMed region.

Samar Zughool, an intercultural trainer and researcher, and Povod designed and developed this participatory training course.

We are looking forward to meeting, exchanging, and learning with each other.

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