On December 9, 2023, Povod Institute, the national coordinator of the Anna Lindh Foundation in Slovenia, joined the Anna Lindh Foundation members’ national meeting in Eskisehir, Türkiye. In the meeting, network members discussed their current activities and vision for the future. The members shared their good practices in various thematic areas regarding gender equality, youth work, the arts, intercultural dialogue, and women’s political representation.

 In addition to the presentations by members, Robert Križanič, national coordinator of ALF in Slovenia and Gürkan Akçaer, national coordinator of ALF in Ankara, delivered an info session on current opportunities within the network for EuroMed cooperation. The members shared concrete proposals for future collaboration within the ALF network for the EuroMed dialogue.

Based on the recommendations from national members of the ALF network in Turkiye and Slovenia, the national coordinators, the Povod Institute in Slovenia and the system and generation institute in Turkiye will organize bilateral online info sessions and matching events to enhance and facilitate partnerships between art and cultural associations in Slovenia and Turkiye.