Thank you to everyone who joined us for the cooking and eating with geopolitics workshop; it […]
WHEN? 22.08-30.08.2022WHERE? Murzasichle, PolandAIM? The project’s aim is toexplore youthentrepreneurship, as well asold, forgotten professions. Wewill […]
——— Open Call for youngsters in Slovenia, Join a TC on storytelling and perform in Istanbul […]
Slovenia shows all the signs of a middle-developed European country: it has a rapidly ageingpopulation, relatively […]
The migration – sustainable development paradox addresses the fact that migration contributes to sustainabledevelopment if well […]
“SDG 10 addresses inequalities within and among countries. It calls for nations toreduce inequalities in income […]
War, occupation, and conflict are hindering factors of peace, sustainable development, and regularmigration. As of 2019, […]
Red in Resilience is a theatrical performance inspired by diverse journeys of “women in or coming […]
This guide was produced within the project named“Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development” inthe scope of the […]