The migration – sustainable development paradox addresses the fact that migration contributes to sustainable development if […]
On 23th of May in Istanbul, we had the kick-off meeting of our program “Women For […]
Our Povod’s team (Rasha, Ala’a, Sammar, Safa, Maja, and Jure) were in Istanbul, contributing actively to […]
A study case in Ljubljana, Slovenia By Samar Zughool Intercultural learning is a lifelong learning process […]
Povod conducted a fact-finding mission within our program Faces of migration in Ethiopia on Migration and […]
In week from 9th to 13th of May our youth workers delivered two interactive sessions in […]
We tested, shared, and documented hands-on intercultural practices for sustainable living!We started with traditional social games […]
The “Rise for Gender Equality” Declaration #Rethink_Med This declaration gathers statements and visuals made by advocates […]
We had a blast learning the Farsi language and enriching our learning skills through doing and […]
How can sport as an educational tool contribute to lifelong learning for sustainable development?At Dinan, we […]