Povod Institute held the training course, “[Be My Voice]”, within the framework of Anna Lindh Foundation for EuroMed dialogue in Slovenia.

Samar Zughool, an intercultural trainer at the Povod institute designed the training course which consisted of three parts that took place in three days as follow:

• Training course on empathy, intercultural and emotional intelligence:
• Training course on theatre-based techniques, empathy, and storytelling
• The third part of this training course was for rehearsals and recording of selected stories using performing arts and recording

About the “Be My Voice” training course:

The COVID-19 pandemic, which surprised everyone around the world, has become a life event that has left its mark on many people. As we’ve seen in recent months, people have treated a pandemic very differently. Some of them experience isolation and loneliness, getting sick, losing their loved ones, feeling sad, afraid, or even terrified. The rest, on the other hand, enjoys the possibility of rest, peace, and focus on yourself, treating this time as a temporary inconvenience.

The purpose of the training course was to encourage participants to enhance their emotional intelligence, by stimulating their empathy and intercultural intelligence. Through theatre and art-based techniques, they were strengthen their skills to support their mental health through intercultural solidarity.
For the practical implementation, we had a selection of stories written and submitted anonymously by citizens across the Euro-Med region. By being the voice of others, we enhance our intercultural and emotional intelligence through empathy and intercultural solidarity.

The Participants of the training wrote their stories which carry an important messages for solidarity and wellbeing.

You may read the stories here.