“It Ends by Me”, is a result of group work on addressing issues of intersectional discrimination at work place based on real life scenarios. The short firm advocates for the achievement of SDG8 “decent work and economic growth” for all. Suzi – Saša Serdinšek Suad – […]
We just published our documentary film “The Road to Ljubljana” “The Road to Ljubljana” two realities for one message: ” Migration is a natural human activity, but hate is not! Choose Love! Documentary: The migration journeys of Mateja and Safa In October 2020, two inspiring women […]
Learn about philosophical ideas by solving real-life issues humanity faces in a puzzle/mystery-solving game. Acquire knowledge of Global #Agenda2030 and United Nations 🇺🇳 Sustainable Development Goals #SDGs.
We’re getting our game Philosophy Puzzles 2030 ready for release, testing is in progress with many users. Stay tuned…
Old laptops for new languages We started a new exchange where you can give your old laptop and in return you can enjoy experiencing a new language Arabic or Slovene or English. We are running a campaign of giving old laptops and receiving new knowledge of […]
On 22 September 2020, The Institute Povod has become a full member of the European Network of Political Foundations. Primarily we are focused on sustainable and green policies. We aim to enhance political and democratic participation through mediation, civic education, and advocacy. Here you can learn […]
On 31 of August, we finalized our program “Integration in Globalization”. It is a program that aims to enhance the bridge between research on integration and migration programs and the end-users of these programs. This is in order to deliver a sense of ownership to all […]
The hottest thing smoking!
On 28 September, we had the extended meeting of the editing team for the People’s Assembly 2020 Charter in Slovenia. One of the main activities we do within the Global week of action to celebrate the adoption of the 🇺🇳 Agenda 2030 5 years ago.
A few days ago, we received handmade products produced by a heart community called “No-Border Craft”. You can read more about their noble purpose and their borderless products below. No-Border Craft 🤩“No-Border Craft, a self-organized initiative led by women who are activists, refuges and asylum […]

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