Povod institute held the film streaming and discussion on migration and integration in Slovenia presented by Safa Saad.
Structure of the event:
– streaming the film “the road to Ljubljana” Discussion and presentation by Safa Saad about migration, xenophobia, and integration in Slovenia
– Presentation of qualitative research on key hindering factors of integration in Slovenia. Streaming the short film “Safa’s guide to Slovenia” presentation on integration and interculturalism as a two-way process presented by Safa Saad

About Safa Saad:
Safa Saad, born in 1996 in Baghdad and a resident of Slovenia since 2013. At the age of 10 years old she started her migration journey with her family after the war on Iraq began. At the age of 11, she discovered her talent in drawing and since then she uses it to communicate her feelings about social issues and her journey of discovering her self-identity in connection to the concepts of war, migration, and integration. She developed her talent further and now she is employing it for a positive social change through the art of illustration. She volunteered with different organizations in Slovenia where she dedicated her time to assisting newcomers in their integration journey by providing translation from Arabic to Slovene. She is now working with Povod as an illustrator, translator, and research assistant. She paints for cross-cultural understanding and inclusion.