Our Team

Samar Zughool

Intercultural trainer, performing artist, and non-formal educator

Mateja Varga

Sport trainer, microbiologist and youth worker

Safa Saad

Translator, research assistant and illustrator

Ali R Taha

Music producer, audio engineer and filmmaker

Saša Serdinšek

Sociologist and facilitator

Katja Doberšek

Visual artist 

Amelisa Eminić

Event planner
Rober Križanič Director
Behnaz Esfahani Visual Artist & Experiential trainer
Povod, Institute for culture and development of international relations in culture A: Čučkova ulica 3, 2250 Ptuj, Slovenia T: +386 59 03 08 07 E: povod@povod.si
Co-funded by The European Union
The ratio between the maximum and minimum wage within the Institute is 1:1,2