“It Ends by Me”, is a result of group work on addressing issues of intersectional discrimination […]
We just published our documentary film “The Road to Ljubljana” “The Road to Ljubljana” two realities […]
Learn about philosophical ideas by solving real-life issues humanity faces in a puzzle/mystery-solving game. Acquire knowledge […]
We’re getting our game Philosophy Puzzles 2030 ready for release, testing is in progress with many […]
Old laptops for new languages We started a new exchange where you can give your old […]
On 22 September 2020, The Institute Povod has become a full member of the European Network […]
On 31 of August, we finalized our program “Integration in Globalization”. It is a program that […]
The hottest thing smoking!
Povod, Institute for culture and development of international relations in culture, is a non-governmental organization that […]
On 28 September, we had the extended meeting of the editing team for the People’s Assembly […]