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Creativity encourages active participation

Young people are creative and want to participate as an active stake holder in our society. Youth organisations are gathering young and enthusiastic youth, youth leaders and youth workers want to address other youngsters to join them and show to society their capacity.  Around this issues four organisations from four countries joined to develop attractive approaches to youth and surrounding. Povod from Ptuj in Slovenia, Gajba from Varaždin in Croatia, Loesje from Novi Sad in Serbia and Multimedia from Skopje Macedonia organize the circle of four youth exchanges with twenty participants from each city. Together we explore all possibilities that animation and street animation give to youth organisations to attract other youth to join the activities and to present our work to public.

How to use animation and street animation as a publicity tool for our work? Are there any special skills needed to do animation? What is really effective in the way to attract public attention? Many questions encourage all of us to look together for answers on the streets of our cities.  

Gajba - udruga alternativne kulture

"Active youth project, 2005 - 2007"
Two years of building friendship, learning from each other and unforgettable moments.

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